FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is
CortalyCash is a premium crypto earning platform. You can earn unlimited free cryptocurrency by completing tasks like filling surveys, installing apps, signing up on websites, quizes, videos and much more. CortalyCash is packed with lots of features and rewards.
How do I get started?
Signing up is simple! you can just sign up for CortalyCash .com using your email. As soon as you’ve signed up, head over to our Earn page, where you can find a wide variety of offerwalls to complete offers from.
Do you own all the offerwalls on this site?
No, however, we partnered with many of the biggest offerwall companies to ensure you get the best offers to complete possible. CortalyCash serves as a middleman - the gateway to all the best offers out there for you to earn from.
Are surveys safe?
You can rest assured that all surveys on this site are safe to complete. All provided data is reported in aggregate, meaning all data you provide is anonymized. The survey providers also take many measures to ensure that all surveys are secure. Furthermore, we at CortalyCash are also not able to see anything you write on the surveys you complete, so only the people administering the survey can view this info and treat it with the utmost confidence.
Still have any questions?